Sunday, August 15, 2010

O Squash, how I loath thee…

I’ve baked, fried, grilled, grated, chopped, peeled, dried, frozen squash until I don’t even wan to see squash anymore!

It’s seriously become like an episode of Iron Chef around here, with squash as the surprise ingredient.  I have squash in the fridge, squash on the counter, squash on the floor in a basket.  I can’t give it away because everyone I know is as sick of squash as we are.  I’ve hidden in chili, tossed it with pasta and put it on pizza.

We had a cookout with some friends and I made mixed veggies to put on the grill (with squash, of course).  Our friends brought pasta salad with chopped squash.  Then the camp guy requested a patty pan dressed for the grill.  WE HAD SQUASH ALL OVER THE PLACE!

So now, the beautiful lush green squash plants that I’ve been so in love with all summer, are looking bad.  You know something?

I couldn’t be happier.

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