Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holy Gingerbread, Batman!

Is it December already?  Where does the time go?  And speaking of flying time, Biscuit (our oldest.  The nickname is a story for another day.) turned NINE today. 


n. i. n. e…..


We did have a fun day, despite my resistance to the idea of him being NINE.

(did I mention that he turned NINE?!)

We went to a gingerbread competition that was sponsored by the school, which turned out to be more of a craft/game/gingerbread fest.  My big concern was getting the houses there intact, which we did manage to do!  Their big concern was winning, which we didn’t manage to do.  We did, however, manage to have fun and make some new friends!

I really loved looking at all the houses and seeing how differently the kids interpreted the idea of a gingerbread “house”.  Here are ours.


One with grass, swimming pool complete with diving board and marshmallow gingerbread swimmer, and campfire.  One with a moat and people climbing the outer walls of the house.  I’ll let those of you who know my kids guess whose is whose! ;)

One of my favorites was sort of a diamond in the rough.  From the front it looked sort of lumpy and gray.  Then I looked at the other side and it made total sense.


It was the bat cave, y’all!  I didn’t meet the boy who made it, but his creation was a big hit with my boys.  Kudos to you, mystery gingerbread artist!  Love the creativity.

By the way, people, if your kid is in a contest like this, don’t do it for them.  It’s way more fun to see what they come up with!

Happy December, everybody.