Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometimes God sends us people...

when we don't even know we need them.

The Camp Guy and I took the boys on a day trip the other day. The boys were delighted to go, but they were not SO delighted with each other. After listening to them argue and argue and argue and argue and... well, you get the picture,

the Camp Guy. had. had. enough.

"I am going to stop this car every time you two start arguing, and it is NOT going to move again until you stop." comes his frustrated but ever-so-patient pronouncement.

And so we do stop. and go.

and stop. and go.

and stop. and go.

AND stop. by the side of the interstate. And not 30 seconds later, here come the flashing lights. The Camp Guy just sighs and rolls down the window.

This young policeman walks up, peers into the back at the boys and then up at us in the front. "Is there a problem?" "We have two boys in the back who will not stop arguing with one another," I reply. "Hmmm," he says.

He then repositions himself towards the back of the car, "Boys, You done got the PO-lice involved now. That's serious. You best stop arguing, and let your daddy drive."

Their eyes as big as saucers, they reply politely, "Yes, sir!"

He quietly grins at us, tells us to have a nice day and a safe trip, and walks back to his car.

The Camp Guy and I grin at each other, and I say a private "THANK YOU" to God for sending us that particular policeman, at just the right moment.

And we go...


  1. Oh Jean, that is the funniest thing I have heard in a while! And I can totally hear both of you talking in this....hilarious!

  2. Treva - thanks! Hope things are going well with the move.

  3. That police officer sounds like a riot :) lol


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