Friday, June 25, 2010

The Old Commode. No, not that one!

We have an old piece of furniture that used to belong to the camp guy’s grandparents.  It is, according to my Nana, a commode – the shelf that the wash pitcher and bowl sat on, complete with towel bar.  I’ve always wanted to paint it, but never wanted to mess up the antiqueyness of it. (Yeah, I did just make that word up.  Brand spankin’ new word – just for you.  You’re welcome.) 

ANYWAY – the camp guy and I talked about it again recently, since neither of us like the color. Some parts were obviously old (the drawer), but parts looked like they had been replaced (the doors and back are made of rough plywood), so we decided to paint it guilt free. 



The paint job isn’t really the greatest, but I think it looks pretty good, and I LOVE the color!  And now, instead of hiding in the bedroom, it’s flaunting it’s beauty in the kitchen. 


What do you think?  Did I mention that red makes me happy?

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