Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mmmm… summer bliss

Ok, so I’m sorry for my pity party the other day.  Little bit is better, big’ un is home, the camp guy is feeling better, and I am slowly becoming less gimpy!  The dishwasher, alas, did NOT make it.

But, my mom and cousin went down to the garden yesterday and picked a bunch of cherry tomatoes, and  I managed to pick a handful of basil leaves today and chopped them both up with some fresh mozzarella and a liberal sprinkling of kosher salt.


The smell and the taste of this, delicious!  And how pretty is it?  And despite how easily distracted this will make me sound – it makes me happy!

What’s your favorite fresh from the garden recipe?


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  1. Mmm, that looks awesome!

    I'm a sucker for string beans and tomatoes straight out of the garden, but as far as "recipes", I guess it'd probably be Mike's panfried squash with Parmesan cheese. :)

    I'm totally impressed by your garden!


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