Monday, April 26, 2010

old journal entries, part 3b - bonus!

whoops! I lied - there were 4!

O God, you know the events of our lives before they unfold. You understand things that our perspective simply can't or won't. Things like children with serious medical problems.

I understand, God, that because of our disobedience and faithlessness we messed up this perfect world you gave us - we embraced imperfection. I confess, though, that I will never understand babies with terrible illness. I know you don't cause such situations - and I do NOT believe that moments like that are part of some grand design of yours. My understanding of your providence makes such a belief impossible.

It's devastating. And it's not even my child. But you tell us to love one another - to be in community with one another - and so we ache when another part of our community is hurting.

Yet we know that even in these moments - perhaps especially in these moments - you are with us. Comforting us through the community that surrounds us, and through the presence of your Holy Spirit.

Surround them. Comfort them. And whatever happens, give them a measure of your peace.



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