Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Garden Update and Adventures in Winemaking... sort of.

The garden is nearing completion a stopping point, all the vast majority of the dirt is dumped/mixed/ammended, and all MOST of the plants are in. It's really taking shape! Now to sit back and relax, enjoy the fruits of my labors, mulch between the beds... I'll post pics later so you can see how it's going!

Another wild hair that I had was to try making some dandelion wine. Actually, I had this idea last year, but had no idea the sheer VOLUME of dandelions needed for this process! Plus, then someone told me it was not a good idea, which just meant that I HAD to do it this year... FYI - telling me NOT to do something does not always work to your best advantage people!

SO, this year I convinced (by way of bribery!) the two small people that live in my house to help me pick the many, many flowers we needed. And my Mom and my Nana said, "don't bother, it's gross!"

Which means, of course, that I must proceed with my diabolical plan...

SO, I boiled water, poured it over the washed flowers, and let it sit. Today, I strained it through cheesecloth, and while it looked rather murky, it didn't smell unpleasant, just sort of reminiscently grassy. Then I added the other ingredients that the recipe that I'm using called for (some juices, sugar and yeast) and stirred and frankly, now it smells...GROSS!

Like some horribly yeasty weed juice, which, I guess, it is...

It has to sit for a week to ferment before it can be bottled. Bottled?! It better smell a WHOLE lot better by the end of the week for me to go that far!

Just don't tell my mom, ok? ;)

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