Monday, April 26, 2010

old journal entries, part 3

thanks for being patient with the ramblings...

O God, you created us with a desire for connection with one another. But it's more than just a desire isn't it? It's a need - an innate longing that will be satisfied by nothing less than community. Was this intentional? I think it must have been. You knew, even as we were being developed how much we would need to be accountable to one another - and how much better our lives would be if we would seek each other out. And you didn't stop there, either.

You made that need for connection even deeper. Not only do we need connection with others, we also must have connection with you. In the absence of that relationship, we fill the void with other, varied things, that may make us happy briefly, but never ease the ache of that absence. You can provide us comfort from our anguish - both in our connection to you and with our community.

Why then, are some, when they need that community most, separated? Not even intentionally, but through circumstance. How do we provide community support to them? How can we provide support to those who don't wish for separation or isolation, but are so broken, that they see no other way?

Help me, God, to honor and uphold my own connections that I am so thankful for. And help me most of all to be a loving presence to those who need one most - whoever they may be.


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