Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No herbs yet, just eggs…

Ok, so I know I owe you at least two installments of the weekly herb series, and my only excuse is… life (It’s not called the HECTIC eclectic girl for nothing, people)!  Truthfully, we’ve been  busy with a little boy birthday and stomach bugs, and … well, you get the picture.  And I’m not going to pass on any herbal wisdom today either, but I just couldn’t go another day without posting something.  That is why I’m going to leave you with this short clip of me talking to my preschoolers about the eggs we are now incubating.  I love the way these look – so pretty and colorful and natural looking (maybe I’ll paint my house these colors?).  They loved this and the other short videos I made, but the thing that got them the most excited?  My voice on the videos… but y’all can just concentrate on the eggs! 

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  1. Just stopped by to check out the blog, found you on twitter moms! Come follow back if you get the chance.



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