Thursday, March 18, 2010


ok - I know you've been holding your breath to hear the latest in the crazy bird saga! no? well, this is a full service blog, so I'll tell you anyway!

A while back, I told you about the strange cardinal that kept flying into our bedroom window in order to attack the "other"cardinal he kept seeing in there! The camp guy, in a moment of frustration, decided to hang a bed sheet out the window, to just cover it entirely. It worked! But, sadly, it meant we had a bed sheet hanging out the window! We didn't even see him for weeks, much less hear him at the window, so a few days ago, the camp guy took the sheet down.

Can you guess what happened next? Oh... I think you can...

He started back gradually, with a fly-by peck, but like someone with a desperate addiction, he's here today, crashing into the window, over and over, and sitting on the window sill pecking at and TRYING TO BITE MY WINDOW! He just can't get enough... anyone up for a birdie intervention?



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  3. Hi! Following you from twittermoms! THis is too funny! Maybe you could make your own Windex commercial!


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