Monday, March 8, 2010

An Important Public Service Announcement - and a pledge to be a better driver!

Last December my friend Rob updated his facebook status with an urgent prayer request for his sister-in-law, who had just been in a car accident. As we prayed and waited, the story slowly unfolded. Kristin and her husband Chris were in a head-on collision with another driver who was texting while driving (and thus consequently lost control of her vehicle). Chris (34) and the other driver (18!) were both killed in the accident, and Kristin was badly injured. Fortunately, their daughter was not with them in the car that day.

Kristin has written a post on her blog here, urgently asking people to STOP driving while distracted. You can also read more about her story and her life in the aftermath.

I am guilty of using my phone while driving! I know it isn't safe, but it's expedient. I don't text (I'm barely coordinated enough to do that when I'm NOT driving!), but I do talk on the phone. This post, however, is my pledge to STOP. Not only for myself and my family (and my KIDS!!), but for the other folks on the road and their families, too. I hope you'll pledge this with me - stop driving while distracted! Let's make the road safer for all of us.

Be safe,

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  1. I totally agree with you! I see so many people distracted while driving. Everybody is in danger!


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