Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy October, y'all!

I told you that I joined the Healthy You Challenge, so I thought we'd spend some time this month focusing on health, since that's what I'm thinking about, and this is my blog....m'kay?  And ladies, since we're talking about being healthy, and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'll go ahead and remind you to do your monthly check of the girls.  If you're as helpless at this as I am, I suggest you find a doctor/website/friend that can give you advice on how to do it properly!  But it's important to give yourself a "baseline" of how your breasts normally feel, so that you can notice any changes more promptly.  Guys, I'm not leaving you out - you can remind the women in your life to take care of this simple step...

October is also the month for the Eat Local Challenge.  What does eating locally have to do with being a more healthy you?  Well, for me, when I pay attention to where my food comes from, I eat better and appreciate it more. We'll talk more about the benefits of eating locally, and get some handy tips for incorporating more local foods into your regular menu in some upcoming posts.

On a more personal level, I did pretty well with my own healthy challenge today.  All except for the birthday cake...

Baby steps.


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