Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Broccoli with pumpkin seed and oregano spread

For dinner tonight we had pork loin, potato with onion (home fried, really, just baked instead of fried), salad, and broccoli with a really yummy garnish that I used in a not-so-garnish sort of way (I just mixed it right in...).  I went looking for some pumpkin seed recipes, since I just roasted some yesterday, and found what I was looking for at Cookus Interruptus.  Their pumpkin seed garnish recipe calls for parsley, but mine is long since done in the garden, so I used oregano, which is still going strong.  It was delightful - AND the camp guy and the kids liked it, too!  I ground up about a handful of the seeds in the coffee grinder, then added them to the bowl with some garlic, salt, oregano (finely chopped) and olive oil.  Mix it up and toss with the warm broccoli - YUM.

Thanks to the folks at Cookus for the inspiration and the funny video...


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