Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weird Events...Big Changes

We had open house today, which is a nicer way of saying, we milled around in a school full of people, none of whom had a great deal of direction. I think the reason for this is that although everyone thinks that open house is a good idea, and wants it to happen (knowing who your child's teacher is going to be and starting a relationship with them is important, after all) - no one really knows what to do.

Or what to say.... *awkward silence*

But it's good to meet the teachers, and get information about other school stuff, so how about some open house mixers?

Like, "all the parents of a second grader in the middle!" or "if you did NOT go to the beach this summer, put your hand on your head?" Or even, "You put your right hand in...."

No? Too much?

On a more serious note, this child is starting Kindergarten THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW! He's so BIG. (Have you noticed I like WRITING IN CAPS TODAY FOR EMPHASIS?) When we were getting ready for open house, he put on a pair of jeans that fit him just right this spring and today they were at least an inch too short. Has he grown that much in just a few months? Oh, little man, I hope you love big school. Good luck, buddy. I love you.

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