Monday, January 19, 2009

the artist

Here is Mr. Philip, our artist in residence. Recently he had two pieces chosen for special honors. The first one is one that he did during afterschool, in conjunction with a lesson from the Booth Western Art Museum. It was chosen to hang in the museum in their Kids Cowboy Up Art exhibit. The other is one that he did at school that was chosen to hang in the library. So we had two "meet the artist" receptions in one night, and he was thrilled (as, of course, were his proud parents)!

This, I think is one of those moments when having our family close together finally really hit home for me. We were able to travel from one to the other with his adoring entourage of family members in tow, and it meant so much to me for them to be able to be there. I know that one day, when he looks back on that moment, he will appreciate the gift of having his extended family close, too.

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  1. happy for him and to his family..
    i know he'll have a bright future as an artist..


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