Friday, August 19, 2011

Making yogurt cheese!

I've missed you!  And to celebrate my return to this blog, I'm making yogurt cheese! (And also, because I wanted to experiment...) 
My cousin gave me a gift certificate to King Arthur Flour for my birthday, with which I purchased some sour dough bread starter and a yogurt maker (because I need another kitchen appliance like I need another hole in my head).  SO, I made the yogurt, and now it's hanging in this lovely bag in my kitchen, to let the whey drain out of it.  Hopefully, this will then produce a cream cheese like substance called yogurt cheese.  
I'm curious if any of you have done this before.  How did it turn out?  What did you add to it after this (salt, herbs, spices,...)?  Did you keep the whey and do something with it?  
I'll keep you posted on how mine turns out.

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