Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy National Cut Your Energy Costs Day! No, really...

it really is an official day.  I'm not making it up!  So, in honor of National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, I went in search of some practical and easy ideas for doing just that.  And who doesn’t want to save money AND help the environment at the same time?  And you know I want things to be easier!  This is what I found…
·         Have a professional check out your HVAC to make sure it’s working correctly and efficiently.  Also, clean your air filters on a regular basis, which not only increases your HVAC unit’s functional efficiency, but it also improves the air quality in your home.  It wouldn’t hurt to check your insulation, either!
·         Unplug!  Your cell phone, your small kitchen appliances, anything else that you can stand to plug and unplug regularly will help (or try plugging things into a power cord that can easily be switched off).  Appliances that are plugged in still draw a certain amount of power, even when they’re turned off, and in doing so, generate added heat.  This includes turning your computer off at night.
·         Switch out your light bulbs.  I know we’ve talked about this one before, but compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy and generate less heat than incandescent bulbs.
·         Wash more clothes in cold water.  Apparently, a good portion of the energy used to wash clothes is spent on heating the water!
·         Turn off the “dry” option of your dishwasher.  Your dishes will dry on their own, and this cuts the power usage of your dishwasher.  And while we’re at it – if you can dry clothes on a clothesline, think how many trips through the dryer you’d save your clothes – AND your energy bill!
·         Use a manual option vs. an electric one – things like can openers, mixers, etc.
·         Use your blinds or curtains to your advantage.  Open them to let light in for added warmth, or conversely to keep light out, for easier cooling.
See?  Easy, practical, (mostly) cheap AND environmentally responsible!
ps.  My 8 year old just admonished me because I didn't include - "turn things off when you leave the room" which is what I'm always fussing about at my house!  Good to know he's hearing that one!

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  1. What great ideas and this was a terrific post!


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