Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have issues.... and a contest winner!

Attention all waitstaff….

I know that you sing happy birthday at least a zillion times a day.

I understand that you don’t know any of those people, that you aren’t
hired for your singing voice, that it can be embarrassing singing the
crazy song in front of the whole restaurant.  I get it – I do.

But I went to dinner last night with the camp guy, and we sat and listened
to some of your peers do their birthday chant twice for different
diners and it was…. Well, let’s just say it sounded by their tone like
they were actually singing something resembling, “Happy Birthday,
loser, you don’t have anything better to do on your birthday than have
total strangers sing this stupid song to you….*gah*”

I guess what I’m saying is, we know it’s not your favorite thing.  It’s
really not ours either, but it makes our friends and families happy,
and us a little bit, too, so could you just PRETEND to be a little bit
excited?  Just for us?

Cause after all, it is our birthday.


Ps.  I told you I have issues…

Pps.  Congrats to Chuckles66, the winner of last week’s contest!  Your soap will be in the mail this week!

Ppps. What is with the formatting on this post?  I cannot figure it out!

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  1. Yeah! I've never won a blog contest! You can deliver to White Oak Dr. on Sunday, if you like. :-)


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