Tuesday, February 17, 2009

one of those moments

I had one of those moments today - or more accurately WE (my youngest and I) had one of those moments today. And I don't mean a moment of the kodak variety...! What seemed like a simple trip to the store to do something nice for him, turned into this hostage negotiation, where the 5 year old was the perpetrator, the rest of the innocent bystanders were the hostages, and I, as his mother, was some weird combination of hostage, negotiator, and swat team. And I started out with flying colors - I was rational, I was firm, but understanding, still willing to find some negotiation, so long as it stuck within the guidelines I had already set. And I even had a moment of thinking, "we're gonna get through this just fine!" ......

(I feel the need to tell you that I have worked with enough kids in my life, and know my own children well enough to know better than this.... but, what can I say? I am ever the optimist!)

What's that syndrome where the hostage begins to identify and even care for their kidnapper? This is just one of many mental illnesses that parents have to deal with, because, let's face it, parents are already head over heels for their kids. (Sorry for the mental anguish, mom!)

Anyway, back to the drama at hand. I was negotiating away, and even as the situation is sadly deteriorating, I realize that EVERYONE IN THE STORE is now blatently staring at us, me and this beautifully stubborn child. Granted, his behavior was BAD, but we were working our way to the front and we were not being louder than... oh, let's say, a jet engine?

As we grow up we learn how to extricate ourselves from situations that are getting bad. I have realized, as a parent, though, that removing yourself, and someone else (who does not wish to be removed!) increases the difficulty exponentially...

So anyway, they were staring, which somehow lent fuel to his drama, and made me less together...BUT, you'll be happy to know that I'm not writing this from the shoe store. We did make it out - despite the disapproving onlookers, and without what we went for. And I love that boy now more than ever... but we will not be going back to that store for a while!

So if you happen to be in a store in the near future with some small hostage taker and their negotiator, give them a small smile, or a thumbs up - you never know what might make a difference in someone's day - for the parent and the child!

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