Thursday, March 5, 2009

have i told you...

that I think bipartisanship (Is this actually a word? I heard it on the news today, but I sort of think they made it up!) is a bad concept? Bipartisan has sort of become the buzz word lately, as a sign of the higher standard, but it never really works out like we hope that it will. Why? Because we're too busy being BI-partisan instead of listening to the issues and trying to work things out. Why can't we be multipartisan? or we're-actually-trying-to-work-through-the-issues-the-best-way-we-can-instead-of-worrying-about-the-stance-of-our-parti-san? or how about non-partisan? how do we make that work? Because, frankly, I don't believe either party when they talk about bipartisanship anymore, except as it applies to their pr campaigns.

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